Chitra Prakashan

The plinth of Chitra Prakashan was kept in Bulandshahar (U.P) in the year 1969 with its single title “Kavya Shaastra” and its story commenced in the year 1975 with the publication of “Chitra Ek Adhyyan”in Meerut (U.P) which was instantly accepted with reverence by the. This triggered a new ‘wave’ in Indian education publishing that aimed at completely redefining the learning, development and success quotient of the students. In the years that followed, Chitra gradually became one-stop brand for books covering UP Board and Uttarakhand Board examinations.
Under the same banner, the company fulfills every need of students from Class IX up to Postgraduate Level with other different set of titles. Textbooks (Govt. & Private), Guide Books, Question Bank and other examination series are published.


We are proud to announce that Chitra is one of the most renowned publishing houses of the state which specializes in publishing school and university books. It publishes around 1000 titles and is marching ahead every day to bridge the gap between knowledge and a student’s intellect, i.e., Literacy is defeating illiteracy from the masses

Popular brands, namely Master Mind Question Banks, Chitra Ek Adhyayan are the assets of the company. Chitra has now extended its area of instilling knowledge and education through entering into the domains of BBA, BCA, B.Tech and Polytechnic books like Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Basics of Mechanical Engineering and many more.
Chitra has also entered in the field of school books as well covering all the CBSE subjects from classes K to 12th. The release of these high quality books will be celebrated very soon.

Our Mission

Educating Millions


To grow in excellence and perfection with the name & the fame.